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High quality scanning (digitizing) of physical photographs 
Fix blemishes 
Sharpen (if needed)
Colour correction (if needed)


If you're interested in digitizing / digitally restoring some old photographs;

Each image would take a different amount to time so price would depend on the condition of the original product.

To give a rough guild on price;
Blemish Removal       £10-20
Colourize                   £20-30
Tears and Folds         £30-50 

Images will be scanned, digitally fixed and emailed to you.
Unfortunately I do not have the facilities to print.

I'm based in Bristol and prefer a (socially distanced) face to face transaction to avoid further damage to your images.



Sharpen (if needed)
Colour correction (if needed)

Have you got boxes of slides gathering dust in the attic with no way to discover what hidden gems might be lurking inside?

All your old slides captured, exposure corrected, straightened, colour corrected, sharpened and saved as a high quality Jpeg file so can be viewed on any device.

We respect that your old slides could contain treasured memories or valuable family history - with this in mind we offer a drop-off or collection service with the Bristol area so no concerns about damage or items getting lost in the post.

Unlike modern cameras where we delete any images we aren't happy with, with slides you might find some of the slides are out of focus or have unintentional motion blur - we do not charge for those images.


1-9        £1 each
10-29  75p each
30+     50p each


Images can be emailed or put on a USB thumb drive (additional fee of £5)

Collection/drop-off - £5 (each way)

If you deliver the slides to us - no charge

Located in Brislington

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